Consent Manager

Our Consent Management Platform (CMP), empowers companies to obtain, manage and document the consent of their users. Consent management is a process which allows websites to meet the EU regulatory requirements regarding consent collection. With a consent-management platform (CMP) in place, websites have the technical capability to inform visitors about the types of data they’ll collect and ask for their consent for specific data processing purposes.

Become compliant with the latest regulations

Get in line with GDPR

Seamless Integration

Attain higher opt-in rates through customised design in your website or app and guarantee an interference-free user experience

Collect Consents in Accordance With the Law

Reach safety by being compliant to all legal requirements (GDPR, ECJ,
IAB Transparency and Consent Framework)

No Loss of Data

No restrictions on your digital marketing, don’t lose your advertising revenue

Increase Your Opt-in Rates Steadily

Benefit from our special marketing features such as A/B Testing

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